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Three Things to Know When Purchasing a Puppy

We all want the best puppy possible. So here are some guidelines.

four puppies in a yerf dog wagon

Four Havanese Puppies in a doggie wagon

  1. Only purchase your puppy from a breeder who will let you visit their home.

  2. Only buy from a breeder who breeds only one breed.

  3. Only pick up your puppy after it is 8 weeks of age. We recommend 8-10 weeks of age.
  4. Only adopt from an AKC pure Bred Havanese Breeder.
  5. Only adopt from a Breeder Licensed by the United States Government.

Five easy steps to adopting a happy and healthy puppy:

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chocolate havanese puppy

  1. Ask to see the parents.

  2. Ask for the health exam and to see the pedigree to insure they are pure bred.

  3. Choose a Havanese breeder who socialize their Havanese puppies in their home.

  4. Purchase a Havanese Puppy from a Havanese breeder who gives you a written health and genetic guarantee and whose dogs are registered with the Ameircan Kennel Club AKC.

  5. Choose a puppy who is up to date on their shots, dewormers and has been health tested by a Veterinarian.

Whether or not you get your Havanese puppy from us, it is in your best interest to follow these simple rules. This advice is given to you to help you find a healthy, socialized, well tempered, health guaranteed puppy that will bring you many years of happiness.

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